Our chicken flock is of our own making. It is based on the Black Australorp sprinkled with Canadian Chantecler, Jersey Giant, Barred Rock, and the Americauna. This mixed breed gives us nice BIG eggs at 4-5 eggs per hen per week. Our cross produces a dressed carcass of 4-6 lbs – perfect for the stock pot!

We sell chicks, meat and eggs locally on a seasonal basis.

Our chickens are super free range as they have a high foraging instinct and we do not limit their movement. There is never an idle moment around here.

Guinea Fowl:

Barely a Japanese beetle in sight! They are the watchmen of the farm yard and sound their alarm when they perceive danger. No need for a doorbell around here!

The guinea is a great insect patroller – Japanese beetles, ticks, slugs, and any other pesky pests including snakes, mice and moles.

Despite what you may read, guineas are quite hardy. Ours have survived without any problem being outdoors 24-7 during the harsh Vermont winters. They have a coop, which, they occasionally use, but prefer to roost in a tall tree for the night to keep an eye on things while the rest of us sleep.

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