We chose Lowline Cattle because they are short-legged; beefier carcass; easy to manage; and have a high grass to beef conversion ratio…not to mention they are tasty! They also have a high milk fat ratio and are easy birthers. Although they are not “heritage” stock, they are based on the Angus.

Lowline Cattle are extremely hardy. They thrive in any weather environment; they are gentle; naturally polled; docile; safe around children. We have nothing bad to say about Lowlines.


Are grass-fed/grass-finished, Have great marbled meat, and use less pastureland to live.

  • Lowlines need roughly 1/2 acre per head versus 1 acre per head for other breeds
  • We can put twice as many cows on the same number of acres as other breeds.

Lowline produce more meat pound for pound than other breeds

  • on average 64% more meat versus 47% for other breeds.
  • 640 lbs from a 1000 lb cow living on 1/2 acre ground versus 940 lbs from a 2000 lb cow living on 1 acre ground.

They are a smaller, shorter legged, easier to manage animal

  • Cows average around 900 lbs
  • Bulls average around 1150 lbs.

Have a calm temperaments, Easy calving and they are great mommas!
The Lowline is naturally polled (NO Horns!)

All of the above reasons (and more!) make Lowline our cattle of choice! To learn more about the history of the Lowline, see the Australian Lowline Cattle Association and be sure to check out the American Lowline Registry for more information as well.

Have you heard about the Jey-Low?

A “Jey-Low” is a Jersey-Lowline cross. The Jersey cow is bred to a Lowline bull. The resulting calf has the milking characteristics of a Jersey and the beef characteristics of a Lowline. The calves are lower in birth weight, so the birth is easier and unassisted. The gestation of a lowline is 10 days shorter than a jersey, so that is 10 days of extra milk. Not to mention that Lowline calves grow faster and finish sooner on less feed.

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