Welcome to Wing & Tail Farm!

We have been producing the finest quality breeding stock since 2008. On our small home-based farm of only 3 ½ acres in beautiful central Vermont, we have successfully raised: Lowline beef, Icelandic sheep, Alpine dairy goats, Red Wattle Hogs, Huacaya Alpacas, guinea fowl, heritage breed chickens, heritage breed turkeys and honeybees. We are focusing our efforts on Lowline Cattle for beef, Alpacas for fiber, guinea fowl for bug control and chickens for meat and eggs.


We are currently selling our homesteadAND– all of our livestock, as we will be relocating to West Texas in the near future.  Please take a look and let us know what you are interested in.  ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!!!!

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Our Practices:

We grow our animals the old way – feed them what they were created to eat. All of our animals eat only the highest quality haylage. This is supplemented with free-choice minerals, pasture and plenty of fresh clean air and spring water. Only the poultry receive a custom traditional grain mix developed here on the farm.

Our animals spend their days browsing the pasture, lounging in the sun and moving about as they please, no matter the season. Our guineas and chickens eat all the vegetation and bugs they can get their beaks on while wandering all over the property and the neighboring woods. We believe that our practices result in the tastiest meat and eggs and the finest fiber around – not to mention strong, healthy and hardy breeding stock.

With careful selection of breeds and smart management, we have been able to raise our own meat, fiber and eggs without a lot of land, money or time.

For more information about what we do, contact us. We would be pleased to share more with you. 


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